Top 5 Best Cabinet Table Saw in 2019 – Reviews & Buyers Guide

Best Cabinet Table SawWhether you are a Professional carpenter or enthusiastic hobbyists, a good cabinet table saw is a powerful weapon for you while dealing with heavy woodworking projects. A best cabinet table saws show an incredible amount of cutting power that can easily rip through any hardwood efficiently.

But find the right cabinet table saw isn’t an easy task with a plethora of options available in the market. So, to help you in finding the right cabinet table saw for your woodworking project, we spent a tough time in researching what is the best option available in the market and came up with top 5 saws.

In our reviews, we tried to highlight all the important features and the ability of each saw along with their pros and cons so that you can able to make the right choice for your workshop. We also include buyer’s guide, in the end, describing the factors should have to consider before making the investment on a cabinet table saw.

So, move on and check our top 5 pick Table saws and find the one which could be the perfect match for your next woodworking project and will help you to get your job done easily and quickly.

5 Best Cabinet Table Saw – Reviews

Best Cabinet Table SawPrice
Powermatic PM1000 179001K
(Editor’s Choice)

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SawStop PCS31230-TGP252 3-HP Cabinet Table Saw

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Delta 36-L552 5 HP Unisaw

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JET 708675PK XACTASAW Deluxe 3-HP

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Grizzly G0690 with Riving Knife

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No.1 Powermatic PM1000 179001K Table Saw

Powermatic PM1000 179001K Table SawFor people who have a small working area, Powermatic PM1000 179001K is a good option which can fit perfectly. It features a 1.75HP motor that spins at no load speed of 4200 rpm, which is able to cut through any plywood easily.

Its 64-inch rails are extremely sturdy and vibration on the table kept low for smooth and precise cuts. The poly-V belt drive system under the cabinet increases the motor’s efficiency while reducing the vibration at the same time.

This saw features a tool-less guards assembly which makes changing the blade lot easier and improves the safety of users. It has the ability for full 60-degree movement in either direction (right and left) for the blade bevel, which will help you inaccurate miter cuts with less effort.

The blade height and depth are controlled through the stainless steel wheels present on the front and side of the main cabinet assembly. The riving knife and anti-kickback pawls can also be installed and adjusted without the help of any tool. The saw also has a dust collection port which keeps the sawdust away and enabling the blade to visible clearly during the time of working and maintain the proper air quality in the workplace.

Can Work On Only 115V Power

It doesn’t require your shop to be wired with a 220-volt outlet, as it only requires 115-volt power to process. This thing makes it a unique table saw compared to other power-hungry units.

Access On and Off Switches without Hands

This cabinet table saw comes with conveniently placed power switches which you can access by using your foot or knee to turn the saw On or Off in case of an emergency situation.

Some Other Features Of Powermatic PM1000 179001K 

  • This saw measures in 36 x 27.5 x 63.8 inches in dimensions and 465 pounds its weight.
  • It has a 50- inch fence which provides 30-inch maximum rip capacity and can handle most of your job easier.
  • Its 10-inch blade offers 3-1/8 inch depth of cut at 90 degree and 2-1/8 depth of cut at 45 degrees.
  • Able to run on only 115-volt power and not even require 220 volt
  • Built sturdy
  • Riving knife and anti-kickback pawls can change without any tool
  • Power switches can be accessed without hand
  • Poly-V belt reduce vibration during the time of work
  • Motor power is not up to mark for thick chunks wood
  • Base and control wheels are not made of cast iron
Though the motor is not so powerful to deal with heavy or wet hardwood it is a nice choice if you have a small workspace and working with lighter woodwork.

No.2 SawStop PCS31230-TGP252 3-HP Cabinet Table Saw

SawStop PCS31230-TGP252 3-HP Professional Cabinet SawSawStop PC31230-TGP252 is one of the best cabinet tables saw that comes with an auto-stop safety system in which the blade gets to stop in a milliseconds after it comes in contact with flesh or something which is not wood. So, this feature not only provides maximum safety during use but also ensures that you won’t face any type of loss in terms of time, wages or wood.

It comes with a Mobile base which has two fixed wheels, two 360-degree casters and an ergonomic one-foot operation that mechanically lift the saw In a single motion. So, you can easily move it around your workshop.

This saw features a powerful 3-HP motor which is capable of cutting any hardwood easily.

T-Glide Fence System

The saw features a T-Glide fence which is constructed from heavy gauge steel. It offers smooth cuts, an expensive work surface, accurate measurement and sure lockdown with cam lock lever. So, that you can focus on work without worrying about rolling or slipping.

Collects 99% Saw Dust

This SawStop Cabinet table saw comes with a superior 4-inch dust collection port which collects 99% of sawdust produces during woodcutting time and keep your working area clean.

As the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) declared Sawdust as a cancer-causing carcinogen, so it is essential to keep the sawdust away from your workplace and SawStop is doing exactly the same here.

Some Other Features of SawStop PCS31230-TGP252 3-HP Cabinet Table Saw

  • It measures in 2 x 33 x 34 inches in dimension and 525 pounds its weight.
  • The blade can also tilt to the left with angle adjustment hand wheel in order to prevent the wood from binding against the fence.
  • The 10-inch blade can cut 3-1/8 inch maximum depth of cut at 90-degree and 2-1/4 inch depth of cut at 45-degree.
  • Significant safety system
  • The great dust collection port
  • 52-inch T-Glide fence provides smooth operation
  • Require high electric power to operate
  • Little expensive
Though it is a little expensive the features it provides are worth it. It is powerful and can cut any hardwood without any hassle. With the moveable base, you can move it from job site to job site easily. It is very easy to operate even if you are a beginner, you can operate it easily. If you are a professional woodworker and dealing with heavy wood works in your day to day life, you can surely invest in this SawStop unit.

No.3 Delta 36-L552 5 HP Unisaw, 52-Inch Fence Cabinet Table Saw

Delta 36-L552 5 HP Unisaw, 52-Inch Fence Cabinet Table SawWith the vibration produced by a table Saw during the operation can shake your hand so badly that it may lead to any serious injury or damage to the wood. But Delta 36-L552 cabinet table saw comes with a single cast trunnion system which reduces the vibration and offers smooth cuts every time.

This saw features a 5HP powerful motor which spins at no load of the speed of 4300 RPM and is enough to rip through any hardwood easily. The base of the saw constructed of solid cast iron that provides stability as well as reduces the vibration during the progress. As a result, you can get your job done quickly.

Dual Front Cranks For easy Blade Height and Bevel Adjustment

This saw comes with large dual front cranks by which you can adjust the height of the blade and bevel easily. You can also see the exact height or angle on the bevel dial, which lies in-between the cranks. Moreover, this feature helps you to get fine and accurate cuts which you can trust within ¼-degree.

The bi-level Dust Collection system

This saw features a bi-level dust extraction system that keeps the sawdust away from your workspace so that you can focus on your work more clearly.

Some other Features of Delta 36-L552

  • It measures in 40 x 44 x 50 inches in dimensions and 650 pounds its weight.
  • This saw has 52-inch Biesemeyer Fence with push button for arbor lock makes the blade changing process easy and simple.
  • It comes with a blade guard that prevents accidental touch with the blade.
  • Features a powerful motor
  • Single cast trunnion system offers great stability and excellent vibration control during operation.
  • The cast-iron base also provides stability and solid footing for smooth and accurate cuts
  • It is heavy unit might not portable easily
  • Little expensive
This Delta 36-L552 cabinet table saw comes with the great build quality, so if you are looking for a unit that delivers solid stability and consistency during the woodworking process, then you can surely invest in it. As it is a heavy item, so when it comes to shipping, it might not always ships with a complete set. Due to the heaviness companies doesn’t include all the safety parameters, as a result, you delivered with a missing set of parts. So, choose your shipping company carefully.

No.4 JET 708675PK XACTASAW Deluxe 3-HP

JET 708675PK XACTASAW Deluxe 3-HPJET 708675PK is one of the best cabinet tables saw that produce minimum noise during operation compared to its competitor. Its designing is sturdy, both the trunnion and table are made up of cast-iron which reduces the vibration while cutting.

It features a powerful 3-HP motor which produces a no-load speed of 4300 RPM for the 10-inch blade and ensures that you will get smooth and precise cuts every time.

Additionally, this saw comes with a riving knife that reduces binding or kickback risk by preventing the spinning of the blade. It also has a push-button arbor lock system which helps in fast and easy to change the blades while working with a different kind of wood.

Exclusive 50-inch Commercial Fence

This JET 708675PK cabinet table saw comes with an exclusive 50-inch commercial Fence II with T-square design to enhance accuracy, performance, and safety.

To make a solid and accurate fence system, it uses high-end materials which are precisely welded. For instance, the T-square head has simple adjuster screws and an adjustable magnified cursor built right in, and the locking mechanism is made from powdered metal parts in order to provide extended durability.

Great safety system

The unit also features a high-tech modular blade guard, anti-kickback pawl, and riving knife assembly to improve efficiency and protect you from any mischievous situation while working.

Additionally, like the riving knife, the dust shroud is mounted to the same cast-iron as the blade. Which means it comes behind the blade through the height and bevel changes in order to maintain maximum accuracy.

Some other features of JET 708675PK

  • This saw measures in 85 x 36 x 38 inches in dimensions and weighs in 510 pounds.
  • It features a 4-inch dust collection port increase dust collection efficiency and keeps your workplace dust free.
  • With the efficient poly-V drive system, it can withstand for smooth operation and optimal power transfer.
  • The blade will tilt from 90-degree to 45-degree for different angular woodcuts. Which you can easily adjust by using the angle adjustment liver present at the right front of the unit.
  • Heavy-duty wide-stance cast-iron trunnion mechanism provides stability and vibration free operation
  • Features a large 85-inch table provides enough working area for large woodcuts
  • The blade angle can easily adjustable
  • Five long year warranty
  • Quite expensive
  • Cast-iron material make the saw heavy, so you can’t move it easily around your workplace
Its high price justified by its significant features. If you are looking for a powerful cabinet table saw for professional use and heavy woodworking projects and have a budget in hand, then you can definitely go after JET 708675PK cabinet table saw. Its large 85-inch working area allows you to deal with large chunks plywood easily.

No.5 Grizzly G0690 with Riving Knife

Grizzly G0690 with Riving KnifeGrizzly G0690 is a powerful cabinet table saw that comes with a 3-HP motor which can work with any standard 220v outlet. With this powerful motor, it can able to produce a no-load speed of 4300 RPM which is enough to cut through any hardwood easily.

As you may know for heavyweight units stability plays a very crucial role for accuracy and precision. So, this cabinet features a cast-iron base and trunnions, that reduce vibration while cutting and provides stability to the saw.

It also features tool-free riving knife, splitter guard and anti-kickback pawls. All of these parts are made up of fine reliable materials, which means you need not to have to worry about safety. It takes less floor space and 34-inch height of saw means you won’t face any back problem after using the saw.

A solid Riving knife

While operating this type of powerful woodworking unit that produces great blade speed, you need to be careful. Because an accident can happen within the blink of the eye. So keeping eye on the users’ safety, Grizzly included a riving knife that sits behind the main blade. This will prevent you from kickbacks especially when you are cutting woods without a saw blade guard.

Long Camlock T-Fence

In a good cabinet table saw, Fences are very important as they help in to hold up the wood sheet firmly at one place for smooth and precise cuts.

The Camlock T-Fence in Grizzly G0690 doing exactly the same here. It glides easily and locks the wood sheet into position so that you can get your job done quickly.

Some other features of Grizzly G0690

  • It measures in 24 x 30 x 43 inches in dimension and weighs in 530 pounds.
  • Its transparent blade guard allows you to see whether you are cutting the wood correctly or not.
  • This saw features a 4-foot dust collection port that keeps the debris away from the table and also helps in to maintain a good atmosphere around your workplace.
  • It produces maximum 29-inch maximum rip capacity on the right of the blade and 12-inch rip capacity on left of the blade.
  • The 10- inch blade can able to produce 3-1/8 inch maximum depth of cut at 90-degree and 2-3/16 inch maximum depth of cut at 45-degree.
  • Small footprint makes this saw suitable for a smaller workshop
  • The cast iron base and trunnions reduce vibration and giving stability during operation
  • Assembling takes a longer time than usual
  • The mobile base does not come along with the saw. So you have to purchase it separately, which takes some extra dollars.
If you have a small working area and also have a small budget in hand, you can opt for this Grizzly G0690 cabinet table saw. Its powerful motor and Camlock T-Fence let you cut through any hardwood easily and precisely.

Buyer’s Guide for Best Cabinet Table Saw

Cabinet table saws are designed for sheer power and are completely different from portable and contractor table saws. Though Cabinet table saws are not any small investment, so you have to be more feature cautious when selecting the best cabinet table saw for your woodworking project.

However, if you get to know which features should have to consider before buying a cabinet table saw then you can able to pick the suitable one for your job site easily. So, for this, we came up with some important factors that you should look for in a good cabinet table saw.


The cabinet table saws are known for their power. So, all the things revolve around amperage of the motor and the RPM that it produces. The higher the RPMs is, the easier it becomes to cut through any thick wood.

However, it all depends on your requirements and needs. As per the general rule of thumb if you are dealing with woods whose thicknesses around 2-inch or less, then anything above 1.75HP can handle your job easily. But if you are planning to handle heavy project works, then go with the unit that features a 3-HP motor or above.


When going to buy a cabinet table saw, always look for the unit that produces low vibrations and noise. As these are heavy units, so moving them around is not always comfortable. But there are a few models on the market that come with a mobile base and are easy to move. If the saw doesn’t ship with a mobile base, you can spend some money to buy it separately, if you want to move the saw frequently.


Operating a table saw isn’t a safe deal at all as you have to put your hand near the sharp, spinning blade which increases the risk of injuries. So, always look for proper safety feature like skin sensor, anti-kickback pawls, etc. that always protect you from serious injuries. Therefore when it comes to safety, always go for as much as you can pay, and a little more because it is not a good idea to save some money over safety and suffer later.

Dust Collection Port

It is normal that table saws produce sawdust during operation. That dust can make it difficult for you to see how well you’re working on. It’s also a health hazard, especially if you are using it indoors. Even if you are working outdoor, it is beneficial to have something that keeps the sawdust away from your workplace. So, while purchasing a cabinet table saw always look for at least a 4-inch dust collection port.

The Fence

A rough, sticky fence is not only irritating but also ruins all the hard work done by the woodworker. So before making the investment on the cabinet table saw of your choice make sure that it features a rack & pinion or Camlock fence for precise and accurate cuts all the time.


As I said before buying a cabinet table saw is not any small investment. It is costlier than the portable and cabinet table saws but its price is justified by its significant features. So, first, understand your needs and then go after the one that will suitable for you. Which cabinet table saw you decided to go with, always go for the best one that you can afford.


Investing in a cabinet table saw isn’t easy that at all, as these units are expensive, you have to select them wisely. In this article, we tried to cover all the important section of every single unit that we reviewed.

So, that you can get a better idea on each of them and also able to pick the suitable one for your woodworking project. You can also follow our buyer’s guide tips before breaking your bank for the best cabinet table saw.

Top 5 Best Cabinet Table Saw in 2019 – Reviews & Buyers Guide
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