5 Best Contractor Table Saw 2019 – Reviews & Buyer Guides

Best Contractor Table SawIf You are Planning To Contractor Table Saw and Want to know The Best Contractor Table Saw Then Here I ShortList the 5 Best Contractor Table Saw in 2019 that you buy.

As a professional contractor, you may manage dozens of projects of your clients every year. It doesn’t matter which project you are dealing with, whether you make cabinets, put down flooring or do any other type of revamping work, you need the best table saw on your job site. If a portable table saw not working up to the mark as per your need, then its time goes after the best contractor table saw.

Though these Saws are not easy to carry or transport they are strong enough to handle any type of work you throw at it. Some of them come with an attached table or a cart that makes it easy to use in the field or in the homes, but some models are designed for use in your shop.

They are such an amazing tool that anyone working with wood should have it on their job site. But finding the best contractor table is a tricky one. So, to help you in making the right choice, we went through a hard process and figured out the very best contractor table saws available in the market.

Our best contractor table saw reviews make the outline to inform you about their features and capabilities along with pros and cons. We have also added a buyers guide to highlight the factors that should have to consider in order to make a valuable investment on the right table saw.

So, without wasting any further time, let’s move to our top picks of 5 best contractor table saw and find out the one that suits your needs and budget.

Best Contractor Table Saw 2019 Reviews

Best Contractor Table SawPrice
SawStop CNS175 TGP36
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Powermatic 1791230K

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Makita 2705

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SKIL 3410-02

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No.1 SawStop CNS175 TGP36

SawStop CNS175 TGP36

If you are looking for a table saw that provides a large working surface for handling long sheets of wood, then SawStop PCS175-TGP236 is the most ideal one for you.

The extension table, 36-inch T-Glide fence system along with the convenient rails ensures in smooth and precise cutting during every operation.

One of the thing that makes it more reliable is its advanced safety system. If the blade comes in contact with anything other than wood, then it stops spinning immediately without doing any further damage.

This SawStop contractor table saw features a massive 4-HP motor which can produce impressive RPM and allows the 10-inch blade to work efficiently. So, you will get perfect cuts every time.

Professional T-Glide fence

The 36-inch professional T-Glide fence system is designed with the highest quality of thick gauge steel.

It provides smooth operation, an expansive work surface and also helps inaccurate measurement and sure lockdown without any deflection.

Easily Portable

With the help of its portable base, you can easily move it around the job site or your shop.

Stability of this saw is impressive and would stand out on your expectation. The trolley legs aren’t thicker than other comparable models.

So, in a simpler word, it won’t create many vibrations throughout the table and allow you for more smoother and easier work.

Some other features of SawStop PCS175-TGP236

  • This contractor table saw measures in 72 x 19.5 x 47 inches in dimension and weighs 341 Pounds.
  • The table top is made of a durable cast iron that is built to last long.
  • The microblade guards keep sawdust from flying all over your workplace.
  • It is easy to change between blades and won’t require a riving knife to do this.
  • Its award-winning dust collection system keeps the dust away and ensures that your workplace remains clean and presentable at the end of the day.
  • The 36-inch T-Glide fence system ensures in a precise and smooth cut.
  • Easy insert design for changing the blade quickly.
  • Features a massive horsepower 1.75HP.
  • Impressive safety system.
  • Great dust collection system.
  • Extension of table generally takes a lot of time.
  • Quite expensive
Apart from its 4.0HP powerful motor that ensures to deliver the performance that you need, also the advance safety system and dust collection system makes it one of the best contractor tables saw. Though it’s weight is little heavy but it can movable and let your job done easily.

No.2 Powermatic 1791230K 64B Table Saw

Powermatic 1791230K 64B Table SawPowermatic 1791130K comes with a cast iron table top, 50-inch rip capacity, riving knife with 10-inch blade and a powerful 1.75HP motor with 3800-RPM makes it the best contractor table saw for heavy duty construction. We Also Share Best Table Saw If You Want Do Check it out.

If you are dealing with a large piece of wood, don’t worry the working area is further expanded by the melamine-surfaced wood extension table. So, that you can finish your work without any hassle.

Impressive riving knife

This saw comes with a riving knife which you can use instead of the blade. This knife has a unique design, it maintains proximity with the blade that significantly reduces both vibrations and the risk of kickbacks.

Micro Adjustable meter gauge

The mitre gauge lets you make adjustments at the micro level. And the extension plate allows you for wide crosscuts.

Some other features of the Powermatic 1791230K table saw

  • This saw measures in 70 x 32 x 34 inches in dimension and it weights 470 pounds.
  • You can change the riving knife and blade easily without the help of any special tool.
  • It placed the on and off button and crank hand wheel on the front for quick access.
  • This saw comes with an efficient dust extraction port.
  • The T-slot mitre gauge has rack and pinion angle setting, positive stops, and extension plate to support a large piece of wood.
  • Its built-in hooks offer extra storage for your tools and other appliances
  • Large rip capacity
  • Extension of the table makes wide crosscut easy
  • Meter gauge with micro-adjustable system
  • Riving knife maintains proximity to reduce kickback.
  • The impressive dust collection system
  • Set up the saw takes a long time.
  • Little expensive
With its large rip capacity, you won’t face any trouble while handling thick chunks piece of plywood. The beveled edge with clearly marked measurements ensures smooth and precise cuts. Overall this is one of the best contractor tables saw with lots of useful features at this price range.

No.3 Makita 2705 10-Inch Contractor Table Saw

Makita 2705 10-Inch Contractor Table SawMakita 2705 10-Inch table saw produce plenty of power with its powerful motor so that you can tackle with any heavy woodwork smoothly.

This saw is the perfect combination of power and portability. Its convenient and compact design let you use with any base or table or even you can use this saw right on the floor. However, you could also purchase the mobile stand to enhance its portability. We Also Share Best Portable Table Saw.

A 15amp powerful motor

This Makita 2705 is powered by a powerful 15amp motor, which can deliver 4800RPM with an electric brake for maximum productivity.

Which means with this RPM you can cut through any hardwood in one pass. The 10-inch blade can cut at depth 3-5/8 inch cut at 90 degrees and 2-1/2 inch cut at 45 degrees and also rip through 4X material in one go.

Tool-less modular blade guard system.

2705 also features a tool-less modular blade guard system with adjustable dual side guards for ease measuring and help you to know where and how to cut. You can also adjust to the rip fence and the blade for easier measurement.

The two onboard independent stowable anti-kickback pawls and riving knife keep the cuts clean and through. In addition, the riving knife adjusts to three different positions such as through, non-through, and dado cuts and it adjusts without removing the throat plate.

Some other features of Makita 2705 10-Inch Table saw

  • This table saw measures in 32 x 36 x 15.2 inches in dimension and it weight 82 pounds.
  • Its telescopic fence keeps your wood where it needs to be, allows you to easily rip and gives you optimal accuracy.
  • There’s also a versatile T-slot miter gauge to use for crosscutting.
  • The modular blade guard system lets you adjust the side guards for easy measurement and precise cutting.
  • Portable
  • Telescopic fence
  • It can easily assemble
  • Impressive safety features
  • Tool-less modular blade guard system
  • Measurement tape doesn’t come with calibrated
  • Emergency break engages when wood is wet
With a 15amp powerful motor, it can able to deliver the speed that helps you in finishing the work easily and quickly. The two onboard independent stowable anti-kickback pawls and tool-less modular blade guard system makes it versatile and one of the best contractor table which you can select for your next project.

No.4 SKIL 3410-02 10-Inch Table Saw

SKIL 3410-02 10-Inch Table SawAre you dealing with DIY projects? Looking for a table saw that gives you professional cutting results and also pocket-friendly? Then don’t look anywhere else, SKIL 3410-02 contractor table saw delivers exactly the same that you need.

Its top quality steel stand helps in quick setup and makes it convenient for any room use and storage. So, whenever you are not using it, just fold it and place it at a corner and use the extra space for some other works. It is a great choice for shops with a minimum working area.

Self-aligning fence with EZ measurement system

One of its feature that makes this particular model more reliable is its accuracy. The steel construction of this table saw provides maximum sturdiness and durability.

It features a self-aligning fence system that ensures top precision and delivers enough rip capacity that can cut down all variety of wood easily.

The presence of the EZ view measurement system makes more accurate settings for most precise cuts without any additional tool.

3-1/2 inch Cut Height Capacity

If you are searching for a table saw that offers high cut capacity and also budget friendly. SKIL 3410-02 table saw is the ideal option for you.

Its 10-inch blade offers 3-1/2-inch cut height capacity which can easily slice through 4x the material in one pass. This depth cutting feature will help you in tackling various carpentry and woodworking projects.

Some other features OF SKIL 3410-02 table saw

  • This table saw measures in 28.9 x 20.9 x 13 inches and weighs in 67 pounds.
  • For working with long sheets of wood, You can extend the cast aluminium deck from 20-inch x 26-inch to 20-inch x 32-inch easily.
  • This saw offers 2.5-Inches depth of cut at 45 Degrees and 3.5-inches depth of cut at 90 Degrees.
  • It features 15 Amp powerful motor which is great for ripping various types of woods.
  • You can also change the bevel angle from 0-degree to 47-degree.
  • Very easy to set up and storage
  • Extendable cast aluminium table
  • Sturdy and durable designing
  • Powerful 5000RPM motor
  • all ripping capacity
  • Lack of dust collection port
  • The mitre gauge is small to accommodate extra long sheet material
SKIL 3410-02 is one of the best contractor tables saw with many useful features like self-aligning rip fence, EZ measurement system for accurate cuts, powerful 5000RPM motor and most impressively its affordable price range attracts many buyers.

No.5 DEWALT DWE7491RS 10-Inch Jobsite Table Saw 

DEWALT DWE7491RS 10-Inch Jobsite Table SawFor more accuracy, precision and value for money DEWALT DWE7491RS is the best contractor table saw which will make your task even easier.

This table saw comes with a rolling stand which makes it easier to move this saw on the job site.

The saw comes with four legs that break-down from the bottom of the saw to create a base for working. Those legs can fold back to give its original shape more that you can roll from job site to job site with the attached wheels.

A powerful motor with Large rip capacity

The DWE7491RS features a 15-amp motor that provides enough power to the 10-inch carbide blade which quickly rips through any hardwood without any stiff.

This table saw has a large 32-1/2″ rip capacity allows you to cut a variety of larger shelving and trim of any size within seconds.

Rack and Pinion Fence

Rolling Stand comes with a rack & pinion fence system which makes fence adjustments quick, smooth and accurate.

It also features telescoping fence rails that easily retract and extend to create a small portable package of the saw.

Additionally, the table saw is suitable for both wide and narrow rip cutting as the fence can adjustable based on the type of material you are working with.

Some other features of DEWALT DWE7491RS

  • This saw measures in 31 x 24.5 x 31 inches in dimension and weighs in 110 pounds
  • It features a 2-inch dust collection port which can connect to a vacuum with ease to keep the work area clean and acts as a useful valve for wood debris.
  • The ripping fence can flip over for improved and precise cutting.
  • This saw offers 3-1/8 inch depth of cut at 90 degrees and 2-1/4 inch depth of cut at 45 degrees.
  • Large rip capacity can cut through a variety of larger shelving and trim materials
  • Features a 4800RPM powerful motor
  • Smooth and easy adjustment of the pinion fence system
  • Supports both wide and narrow rip cuts
  • Presence of an impressive dust collection system
  • Parallel blade adjustment little uphill
  • Rack and pinion fence are not protected well from saw dust
  • Lack of accessories
DEWALT is a leading manufacturer of industrial power tools and accessories, so you can trust the quality of this table saw. The materials used in designing of this saw are sturdy and solid that makes this particular model quite durable and resistant to wear and tear. Lack of accessories might be a point of your worry. Otherwise, this one of the best contractor tables saw at the affordable price range.

Buyer’s Guide for Contractor Table Saw

Everyone wants their saw has to be versatile, powerful and efficient enough to handle most of the works at their job site.

However, with some good buying tips and guidelines, you can easily figure out the best contractor table saw for your needs. Here are some important factors, that you should have to consider before breaking your bank.

  1. Weight

Contractor table saws are generally heavy in nature and require multiple people to move it. But there are some contractor saws come which are lighter in weight like the Makita 2705 and SKIL 3410-02 which we included in our reviews.

However, the weight of a table saw depends on how often you move it from the working place. If you move it frequently, then models with weight around 200-300 pounds to 400 pounds will be ideal for you.

If your plan is not to move the table saw frequently and it will be set up at one place in your workshop, then considering a heavier one will be a good option.

  1. Material

Most of the table saw available in the market features a cast iron table top, which makes the saw strong enough to withstand all the task that you perform on the job site.

However, there are several other materials of table saws available on the market including stainless steel and stamped metal. These are usually lighter than cast iron and bring down the saw’s weight but are just as durable.

  1. Table Size

Contractor table saws generally come with a large table top. The overall size of the table will give you an idea of how much work you can do with it and which projects you can work on with that table.

First consider the size of the materials that you deal with most often, then choose your table size accordingly. Make sure that fence size can be extendable that comes with the table to provide more work area.

  1. Fencing and miter gauge

The best contractor table saws will ship with a fence or fencing that you can attach right to the top.

Fencing is important because it provides stability and control for making smooth and precise cuts. The mitre gauge helps in angled cuts. So you have to consider these two features before making the payment.

  1. Horsepower

The thing to understand that amperage doesn’t actually refer to the raw power, it’s more about how long it can work continuously within the temperature limit.

Nowadays most table saws come with a 15amp motor that has a maximum outage of 1-2 horsepower and a wattage revolves around 700-1500W. This power output usually strong enough to handle most works on the job site.

So, anything below this power range is considered as weak and not enough to handle heavy woodworks.

Though it also depends on your needs, but never go for a table saw that features a motor under 700W and 15amp.

  1. Extra Storage

When buying a table saw always look for the one that offers some extra storage for extra blades and other tools and supplies. Contractor table saws sometimes come with hidden storage around the cabinet or underneath the blade. This gives you more space for all the things you need at the time of your operation.

  1. Safety Mechanism

Before purchasing a table saw check whether it comes with the essential safety features or not, which are needed in a table saw.

Two most important safety features should be in a table saw are anti-kickback mechanism and blade guards. So before making the payment always check for these safety features.

  1. Dust Collection

Having an efficient sawdust collection mechanism in a table saw is always preferable as it keeps your workplace clean.

Even though if you use it outside of your home, it’s always good to have something that collects the sawdust. It saves a lot of time, and ensure that you find a clean workplace at the end of the day.

So, always go after a table saw that features dust collecting port.

  1. Extension

Best contractor table saws come with additional extensions. You can look for ones with a large surface area.

Hobbyists might not need any extensions and can go with the default ones, but if you are professionals, then you should definitely consider upgradeable ones with additional withstand features. However, it might take some extra penny from you but they are worthy of it.

  1. Price

It is very clear, if you have a budget in place, always look for the powerful and durable table saw as opposed to buying a cheap product is worthless.

Some of the best contractor tables saw don’t come at a low price but they can handle all your heavy woodwork easily.

Needless to say, if you have the chance to extend your budget in order to get a table saw of higher quality, then go for it, it’s worth every penny.

  1. Warranty

The best contractor table saw always cover a warranty period of one year to five years. Some manufacturers also cover general wear and tear on the saw as well as errors or issues caused by the manufacturer.

If you are going to purchase an expensive unit, then make sure it has a long warranty period that touches on personal application and commercial use.


Buying the best contractor table saw isn’t an easy task. There are some important things you should have to keep in mind before making the payment.

First of all, don’t hurry to pay for any kind of table saw. Instead, take a moment and read all the features and capabilities of particular models, so that you get a clear Idea whether it will match your needs or not.

In our reviews, we tried to give you as many information on certain units. The more you know about a particular model, the easier it is to decide whether to buy it or not.  You can also follow our buyer’s guide on the best contractor table saws review so that you can easily pick the one that is suitable for your kind of woodwork.

5 Best Contractor Table Saw 2019 – Reviews & Buyer Guides
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